Virtue Kempo Karate System

~Sifu Paul Peretic~

12 year U.S. Marine Vetaran
40+ years of martial arts experience

Founder of Virtue Kempo Karate System
5th Dan Chinese Kempo
3rd Dan Shotokan Karate
Sifu Te Chuan Tao Dragon Style Kung Fu
Sifu Tai Mantis Kung Fu
Studied Aikido, Hapkido, Kuk Sool Won, Chin na, Bagua, Qigong, and Hsing I.

Sifu Paul Peretic is the Founder of Virtue Kempo Karate System. Sifu Paul began his Martial Arts career at the age of 8, studying Shotokan Karate under Sensei Russ Wright. Sifu Paul earned his 1st Dan in 1981. After joining the Marine Corps in 1983, Sifu Paul earned his 2nd and 3rd Dans respectively while stationed in Okinawa Japan under Master Kotaro Takahashi. In 1985 Sifu Paul was stationed in Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii where he met Sifu Robin Shen, thus beginning a lifelong friendship. Through Sifu Shen, Sifu Paul met Master Roy Cochran and spent the next 4 years studying Te Chuan Tao Dragon Style Kung Fu. After earning the title of Assistant Sifu, Sifu Paul was sent to Monterey California for Korean language training.

Upon returning to Hawaii in 1991, Sifu Paul began studying Tai Mantis Kung Fu with Sifu Richard Bash, as well as Aikido at the Honolulu YWCA and teaching Te Chuan Tao Kung Fu in the Akahi Park area. During frequent trips to Korea with the Marine Corps, Paul studied some local martial arts, including Hapkido and Kuk Sool Won and trained with the ROK Marines. In 1993 Paul was awarded the rank of Sifu. In 1993 Sifu Paul began training at the Kailua branch of Universal Kempo Karate Schools Association under Instructor Terrance Guzman. During this time, Sifu Paul trained 2 days a week with Instructor Guzman (and later Instructor Joe Ramos), and 2 days a week with Professor Buell. Sifu Paul also studied Escrima/Kali from Instructor Ramos, as well as Brazilian Jujutsu from Instructor Kofi Debrah.

In 1997 Sifu Paul moved back to Las Vegas and helped Instructor (now Professor) Wayne Lacno open his Vegas branch of UKKSA, teaching kids classes and tournament competitors. In 2000 Sifu Paul helped open the branch at Good Springs, Nevada. In 2002 Sifu Paul's original Kempo instructor, Terrance Guzman, moved to Las Vegas. Out of respect for Instructor Guzman, Sifu Paul helped him open and run his Vegas branch at Point Plaza.

Sifu Paul has competed in many tournaments over the years, including 2 Más Oyama Kyokushin tournaments in Hawaii, and several U. S. National and International tournaments with the lowest placing of 4th place. In 2013 Sifu Paul founded the Virtue Kempo Karate System, based on Te Chuan Tao Kung Fu, Chinese Kempo, and various other martial arts. The name is derived from the Chinese word Te, meaning Virtue, Morals, and Character.

Sifu Paul is currently teaching his style of Kempo at Torres MMA Sport in Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as studying Kajukenbo with Professor Wayne Lacno.
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